Friday, January 11, 2008

Fast Lane With Doyle Brunson

From 2p2er ChexWithRaisins:

My wife's boss, Mike, took a trip to vegas to play some of the WSOP last year. He rents one of those old people motor scooters ("Rascals" or whatever they're called) and pulls up next to Doyle who was driving around the Casino on his own Rascal. Mike makes "aggressive" swerves at Doyle and makes like he's wanting to race, and to Mike's surprise, Doyle gets this determined "I accept your challenge" look and the both race down the hallway at a full 3 miles per hour.

Well luck was with Mike that day, because he managed to edge Doyle by the end of the corridor. He turns to Doyle and nods and Doyle cracks a smile and mutters "man I never win a race."

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