Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Brandi Hawbaker News

This is all info that I have gathered from the 2+2 forums.

Apparently Brandi Hawbaker has struck again. The notorious poker sleezy seemingly disappeared for the past few months, but come to find out she was at work ruining another man's life.

The victim this time was "Brandon," who works in a Las Vegas casino. To sum up his post, he met Brandi, they became a very volatile couple with her leaving him several times (he would give her upwards of $5k each time to get on her feet), coming back to him when she was broke every time and he accepted her back every time. Shit hit the fan when he finally took a stand and told her it was over. But when he came back to his home that they shared, she had emptied it out and sold everything, which he valued at $40k+.

He filed a police report against Brandi but claims that the LVPD won't do much as it is not a violent crime and because Brandi is now in Los Angeles, apparently living at Commerce Casino (according to Brandon).

Some people think he has brought his story forward to gain name recognition and get attention, but Brandon states that he is trying to warn the next Brandi victim (she has had past run-in's with Mark Newhouse, David Sklansky, and Tom Franklin) and also so that he can get some compensation for what was stolen.

Here is an email conversation between Sklansky and Brandon:

"Personally, I thought it was pretty anti climatic. We were led to believe that there would be shocking new revelations about her. Instead it just uh, basically, repeated what was said here. I'm pretty sure Brandon reached more people by posting here.

Meanwhile I think I should tell you that Brandi herself pretty much told me a lot of the same things Brandon revealed. Didn't particularly shock me at the time. Or cause me not to want to help her. To me it just said she trusted me and that she was trying to turn over a new leaf. It seemed like plus EV to believe her. Then again, I rent my furniture."

Brandon PMed me:

Thanks for making light of the situation. You are not at all the person I thought you were. Im glad you can take such pleasure in a terrible situation such as this. Everything I ever said was truthful and honest. When the next "victim" is revealed, I hope all the traffic it garners fattens your wallet. Very responsible to condone this behavior.

I replied:

"You are too sensitive. Why do you call this a terrible situation? A similar thing happened to me. Twice. The money isn't relevant is it? Or is it terrible because you still worry about Brandi?

If you look at this through other people's eyes you might actually feel better.

PS Did you in fact decide to hold things back? "


"I really dont think I am being too sensitive. Yes EVERYTHING I OWNED WAS EITHER SOLD OR DESTROYED. Because I ended a relationship? Does that seem logical? No the money isnt relevant. Understand, many things were lost that money cant replace. My grandfather who is dying of cancer gave me a purple heart he received for service in World War II. Is that funny? Can I replace that? Regardless of what she ever told you, I treated her with understanding and compassion. I never treated her like a prostitute or a whore. Do I worry about her? Even after all she has done and even more disturbing things being brought to my attention, yes, in some sick way I worry about what lies ahead for her. She has never had the skills or mental capacity to take care of herself, have pride in herself, or understand any other way than to subject herself and her body to abuse. To me that also is terrible and tragic. Nobody has to tell me, I know what the eventual outcome will be. There is no other alternative. Yes, there are MANY things I have held back. I tried for a few days to resolve this privately with her before posting what I did. I will make sure if and when I "reveal" anything that needs to eventually come out, I will do it by way of another medium other than this one."


"You made a much better case in this message to me than you did on your posts or your radio show. You have permission to post our exchange tonight in its entirety. Here or elsewhere."

"If you care to, feel free. People already consider my motives for speaking out as being bitter and self serving."

Interesting? Much.

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