Thursday, February 7, 2008

Putting a Rumor to Rest

Here's the rumor from 2+2 poster Stranger123:

Apparently Ivey was playing baccarat for 300K a hand (table limit). He started at the table with a 100K but was quickly up to 3 million.

The next day he starts to play again when a Lebanese mobster with the name 'Cousin Joe' walks up to the table. He asks if Ivey wants to lower his bets to 270K so he can bet 30K himself. Ivey tells him to **** off when the gangster get's angry and threatens to get him whacked and it wouldn't even cost him $ 500.

After using the N-word he get's kicked out of the casino and Ivey leaves Australia the next day. Word is he dropped around 10 million at the baccarat tables.

I just talked to my boy, apparently there is no truth to this rumor. Let it rest!

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